Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Version 0.9.1 is out. It is a minor update with some API cleanup and a few new miscellaneous features. The most noteworthy thing is the inclusion of a sage-extras jar that has some none-core widgets. One is a map viewer and the other is a coverflow viewer. These widgets are not ready for prime time but they are usable and the source is available. The coverflow viewer can be seen in action on the iTunes Clone demo.

I also did an interview with Kirill Grouchnikov from Pushing Pixels. You can see the interview here


Colm Smyth said...

Sage looks *very* impressive. Aside from some slight sluggishness observed in rendered compnents responding to clicks in the Widget Explorer, it appears extremely professional and immediately useful.

At the moment the license prohibits distribution; are you planning to revisit this, and how? ;)

Don D said...

Sage contains some licensed technology (JideSoft Components) that can’t be redistributed without a licensee. That means that your users would have to get the binaries from my sight sort of like you have to get Flash from the Adobe site. The JideSoft license is a developer-based license with unlimited runtime. They also offer free license for open source projects. If you have a JideSoft license you can freely distribute Sage for internal or external purposes (non-commercial).

Note: I choose JideSoft because they had the best most comprehensive component suite and it was well supported. However, Sage is written to have all of is components dynamically replaceable so it is possibly to have a version of Sage that doesn’t use licensed components (without actually changing the engine).

evanx said...

your work is hugely impressive!

Ollie said...

Don, Do you have any examples connecting to an RDBMS via say JDBC?

What about a Commercial / OEM license?